Status Update - I Moved Digitally

Oh wow, I thought everyone gave up on me due to my inactivity on LJ but when I checked back I found a whole dozen of you guys still supporting me & my team’s translation work!  This isn’t much but THANK YOU for all your guys support.  The very fact you’re all reading our translations means a lot to me – I mean, my friends & I did post it online for that very purpose! Just please support Inariya-sensei by purchasing her works & visiting her pixiv, etc. She really needs it now seeing Aqua has closed & she needs to find another place to publish (though I like the idea of her self-publishing & taking all the profits for herself-she could truly pull it off given the resources)

So on to business:  I think it’s safe to say I’m no longer active on my LJ and in the translation world.  The reason why I am hesitant to say that I’m officially done is I actually buy & read my manga & doujin raw. So…I feel like a deuchebag if I don’t at least post text translations & share the works of all these wonderful manga-ka, except I haven’t been doing exactly that! So if it strikes my fancy, I’ll do it but don’t depend on it. There’s many more talented translators out there on the inter-webs that will satisfy your otaku needs~

What the hell have I been up to?  Well, if you’re still here or managed to stumble onto my quite LJ account, here are some links to places I am very active in:

Regardless of what I’m up to – be it cosplay, drawing, being a fangurl, the odd translation project, etc – you’ll most likely hear about it through those sites.

Once again, a BIG THANK YOU!!! m(_ _)m

Reimei no Hana Scanlation Update

So, decided to compile all of the translated RnH chapters in one file for simplicity's sake.  Keep in mind our translation group did not translate the entire volume but only select chapters involving Seimei (who is also a major character in Hari no Hana).

As the translation group has gone inactive due to RL getting in the way, I highly doubt the rest of RnH will be translated through us.  We're terribly sorry if anyone was eagerly waiting for more.  I doubt we will be heading any other major projects in al long while.  You may hear from me, yugiri, translatting snippets here & there but that's probably all.

The RnH file should contain 5 chapters total:

Scanlation:  Reimei no Hana -Seinenki Abe no Seimei Ibun

We are really honored & happy that you all enjoyed a small piece of Inariya-sensei's work through us & that our humble scanlation was read at all.

Reimei no Hana Chapter 4

The long awaited RnH Chapter 4 chapter is finally here!  Sorry to everyone who have been waiting - we didn't mean to take so long but lots of things have been happening.  So without further ado, the latest chapter can be found below:

RnH Chapter 4

For the rest of the translated chapters, please go to the Reimei no Hana scanlation post.


Seinenki Abe no Seimei Ibun: Reimei no Hana

Thanks to greenleaf1309 , I got my hands on some Chinese translations of Inariya's mangas.  I figured I share some English translations for Seinenki Abe no Seimei Ibun since there aren't any.  It's sort of prequel & maybe sequel (haven't read all the stories yet) to Hari no Hana.

Great News!  Veja24 has kindly agreed to make scanlations of RnH!!!

Reimei no Hana translations
Ch1 - Tale of the Inugami:  MU
Ch2 - Reimei no Hana:  MU
Ch3 - A Dark and Chaotic World:  MU
Ch4 - The Seal of Slumber
Ch5 - Shoumyou
Ch6 - Instructor of the Shinsengumi - The Break in the Clouds
Ch8 - Nosferatu

Disclaimer:  Anyways, being able to read & translate are two different things so let me know (in a constructive manner) if my format is confusing or my translations suck.  I know it must suck somewhere since this is the first time I tried to figure out how a Chinese sentence should be interpreted into English & I found it quite hard at times.  Not to mention something might be translated wrong outright.  Also let me know if a particular term needs defining since I kept some terms that are harder to translate as romanji.  So bear with me here.

The start of complete randomness

So...I decided to put my LJ to use but for what? Hm.

Well, I could post all my ramblings & theories on Inariya-sensei's works - especially Maiden Rose and Hari no Hana.  That would be fun but a b*tch to organize.  Or just use this like any other blog & talk about my life in hopes someone will find it interesting.  What to do.......